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Increase your online sales

Boost your brand exposure

Acquire new customers for you

Paid On Results connects you with thousands of Affiliates, including the top UK performers, who are able to promote you in a variety of ways across many sectors such as content sites, price comparison, bloggers, influencers, voucher code sites, cash back sites, email marketing and PPC.

Paid On Results provides the experience, industry leading reporting and the unique tools and features which allows you to harness the power of Affiliate Marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing works

Leading Affiliates will promote your products or service to their audience

Consumers click on links which takes them to your website

Consumers purchase from your site

Paid On Results pays the commission you agreed to the Affiliate

#150Companies launched Affiliate Programs with Paid On Results in 2018
Pound for pound, Affiliate Marketing offers the best return on any advertising spend
Paid On Results launched in 2003, making us one of the longest established Affiliate Networks in the industry. Connecting our Merchants with the UK's top Affiliates, through our unique tools and technologies, providing full accountability and transparency. Our fair, low fees means companies of all sizes can benefit from Affiliate Marketing.

Our straightforward approach, cutting out the trendy "jargon", coupled with the personal touch of our account management team, enables our clients to maximise their performance from Affiliate Marketing.

Over 16 years experience
Industry leading technology
Full transparency and insight
Unique tools and features to maximise your sales
Strong position and awareness with Affiliates
Competitive fees
Known for innovative solutions
Extensive brand controls
The secret to maximising your success with Affiliate Marketing?
Makes it easy for Affiliates to promote you. To encourage existing and new to industry Affiliates, such as your influencers, choose an Affiliate Network which is breaking down the entry barriers.

Paid On Results offers exclusive tools such as Affiliate Product Search where Affiliates can find products to promote with ease and the Deep Link Generator which with one click can create their Affiliate URL. To keep Affiliates up to date on their earnings without complex interfaces, our Daily Summary Email keeps Affiliates up to date with the key information.

With Paid On Results, your Affiliates spend less time working things out and more time promoting you, giving you the confidence to introduce your Affiliate Program to anyone not familiar with Affiliate Marketing.

Benefit from our lowest fees
With our transparent, low fees you can easily calculate your costs and maximise the ROI on your Affiliate Program. From self managed to managed service plans, companies of all sizes and budgets can take advantage of Affiliate Marketing and work with the UK leading Affiliates.

Grow your existing Affiliate Program by switching to us

Switch your Affiliate Program from other networks to Paid On Results with our migration service to stop losing money on high network fees.

With this saving you could offer higher commission rates to boost sales from Affiliates, give incentives to content Affiliates, take up tenancies with key affiliates or keep the savings increase the ROI on your Affiliate program.