For Merchants

Boost the branding you have available to Affiliates, pleasing influencers to cashback sites. Set-up your logo with Merchant Logo Creator to make it easily available in unlimited sizes to Affiliates.

Brand Protection

Win back control of your brand, with high quality logos created from your original and control of the customisations Affiliates can make. Manage brand changes seamlessly with automatic updates of your logo across Affiliates.

Increased Branding

Satisfy everyone with unlimited logo sizes, background and border options. Provide multiple variations of your brand logo for even more choice.

Quick to Setup

Upload your high resolution logo, spend a couple of minutes getting everything configured and you're all set. No technical knowledge or image editing experience required.

Easy Sharing

With a dedicated location to send your Affiliates to whenever they need your branding, there has never been a more convenient way to provide brand logos. Add the link to your Merchant Logo Creator to emails and newsletters, giving Affiliates access your logo in seconds so they can quickly get on with the business of promoting you. See an example here.

For Affiliates

Find Merchant brand logos tailored to your requirements quickly and easily with Merchant Logo Creator. Use the logos to promote the Merchants via your website, social media and beyond.

Fully Customisable

Create logos in unlimited sizes, add a border, change the background, adjust padding and position to create the perfect logo you need for each Merchant your promoting.

Easy to Use

With logos in the most common sizes ready and waiting for you, adding them to your website, social media or downloading is just a click away. Or fire up our wizard to fine tune the logo. Always need a custom size? Then set your preferences once and we will have that logo ready for you each time.

Always on point

Add the logo once to your website using our supplied HTML tag and if the Merchant changes there branding in the future we will automatically update your website. All logos created by Merchant Logo Creator are high quality and inline with the Merchants brand to ensure full compliance, both now and in the future.